Gary Lehmann

I’ve fertility checked bulls for Spring Valley for several years and I can honestly say fertility has been great. Scrotal sizes have been really good. Docility in these black bulls has been exceptionally good.

John Orr - Orr Stock Farms, Elkader, IA

We have been a customer of Dale's for 15 years, primarily purchasing PB Angus bulls. These bulls have constituted a significant portion of our lineup during this time period. We raise all of our own replacement females. Selection for fertility and longevity is critical to the success of our herd. During the summer of 2012, we achieved 100% conception during a 60 day breeding period with yearling heifers sired by our own bulls. All but a very few were settled on the first heat. These heifers were bred naturally and received no manipulation in terms of artificial synchronization. The selection pressure for fertility within Dale's herd allows us to find sires that meet our needs in this regard. We have marketed our fed cattle on a grid for many years. Last year, our first load went 59% CAB and prime and 56% YG 2 or better. The next two loads were 100% and 98% choice and averaged 46% YG 2 or better. Of these first three loads(126 head), there were only 7 select cattle and one YG 4. The offering of bulls at Spring Valley helps us to achieve such results consistently over many years while maintaining optimum growth rates. Dale has been an example of integrity and his cattle have reflected this.

Pat Whittle Whittle Farms, Elkader, IA

We have been doing business with Spring Valley Farms for around 15 years now and have always been very satisfied with the purchases we have made. After visiting with Dale a few times and realizing all the knowledge and information he has on his breeding stock, we are very comfortable with Dale choosing which bulls are best for our cow/calf operation. From year to year we have always had very little calving issues along with having strong, vigorous calves. Prior to selling our calves to a private cattleman, which Dale had helped us get associated with, our calves would sell very well and many times would top the market, I believe the buyers understood the reputation and breeding behind the cattle. We have always enjoyed working with Dale and look forward to continue working with him in the future.

Mason Riehle, Castalia, IA

I started a beef cow herd in 2012 by purchasing 65 sale barn cows in various groups. I purchased a SimAngus fall yearling bull to breed these cows back with. Dale said the 075 bull shouldn’t be used on heifers but he wouldn’t cause calving trouble on cows. I didn’t pull a calf from him. I sold the 2012 calves in March of 2013 and average weight was 587 pounds. The SimAngus calves from 2013 were sold at Decorah on Jan. 15th 2014 with a overnight stand, they average weight was 762. This was from the same cows and same feed. The only difference was the Spring Valley Farms SimAngus bull. I kept back 7 heifers for breeding and 13 heavy steers to feed out.

Jeff Ryan, Ridgeway, IA

In 2009 I purchased 2 SimAngus bulls from Spring Valley Farms to use as clean-up following my AI program. At that time I was progeny testing young sires for ABS. Both of the bulls had heavy individual birth weights, but Dale guaranteed me that we would have no calving problems which we didn’t. We fed the cattle on a natural feeding program and took individual carcass data on all the calves. The Spring Valley bulls sired clean-up calves graded 53% prime and 95% prime and CAB. These cattle were killed at approximately 14 months of age. Obviously we were very pleased with these bulls.