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We would like to thank everyone for coming out and making our bull sale a huge success.  There are a few bulls left so give Dale a call, he would love to talk to you.

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Fall SimAngus Spring Valley Farms  563-567-8472
Bull # Reg. # Sire MGS Breeding Calving
205 Yrling
accu. Wt.
879 3509962 Boulder Mr. National 1/2 S    1/2 An ** 513 1011 1415 15.4 52 88 9.2 54 14.0 33 0.58 0.88 160 75
889 3509951 Boulder Nightride 225Z 1/2 S    1/2 An * 567 972 1285 12.0 58 91 4.8 51 9.6 29 0.68 0.82 147 78
Breeed Ave. 10.0 68 101 5.2 56 10.2 28 0.29 0.82 124 69
Calving Ease Key=  *-Recommended for Cows Only   **- Cows and Large Heifers   ***- Heifers
Top   5% of Breed  
Top 10% of Breed  
Top 25% of Breed  
Top 50% of Breed  



Angus Bulls Estimated EPD's
Bull # Sire MGS Calving
WW Yearling 1-11
accu. Wt.
8115 Whitlock Broken Bow ** 71 640 1064 1465 9 62 111
8119 Whitlock Windy 078 * 80 704 1122 1540 6 65 120
8125 Strikeforce CC & 7 * 91 668 116 1385 3 68 122
Calving Ease Key=  *-Recommended for Cows Only   **- Cows and Large Heifers   ***- Heifers
Top 10% of Breed  
Top 25% of Breed  
             Top 50% of Breed  


Our Bull Program

Spring Valley Farms is a family operation located in the rolling hills of extreme northeastern Iowa. I am the 5th generation to farm this land that was homesteaded in 1851. The Angus herd was started as a 4-H project in 1955 and the first bull was sold in 1957. Whole herd AI and performance testing were practiced from the start. I have always handled our cattle operation the same as a commercial one. From the onset, we have demanded that our cows calve in a very short window, have excellent udders, dispositions and stay sound.

Our primary objective is to produce bulls for the commercial industry. We do this by breeding for the traits that are important to our commercial customers i.e. calving ease, fleshing ability, fertility, disposition and growth. I am a strong believer of hybrid vigor, so over the years we have raised Polled Herefords, Chi, Salers, Gelbvieh, Charolais and Simmental cattle. We are now breeding SimAngus and Angus cattle. I feel that there are lines of cattle in these breeds that have the most to offer commercial customers for convenience and profitability.

As you can see we’ve been there and done that as far as breeds are concerned. Ask and I’ll give you an honest evaluation where the different breeds fit in a commercial setting. I believe Marty Ropp did a fantastic job of explaining the use of EPD’s in cattle selection. Choosing the Best SimAngus Genetics, by Marty Ropp

Our cow herd here at home calves in September. The bulls born in the fall are developed on summer pasture and a minimal grain ration. These fall bulls are more mature, lean and hard and will easily handle more cows than spring born yearling bulls. We also have a winter herd of 75 cows. These cows calve in January and we have been raising embryo calves from this herd. :  The resulting bulls from both herds are offered in our low key opening day kick-off bull sale held each year on the last Sunday in January.